H-1B visa holders: H-1B Visa Holders… Don’t Worry

H-1B visa holders: H-1B visa holders… don't worry
H-1B visa holders: H-1B visa holders… don't worry

US Immigration Attorney Madhurima Boyapati
Madhurima Boyapati, an immigration attorney settled in the country, said that although IT companies are laying off a large number of employees in America, H-1B visa holders should not worry. Those who have been fired from their jobs have been told that they have other alternatives besides joining another job within 60 days or leaving the country.

It is known that the job cuts in America are disturbing the large number of Indians there. In this background, Madhurima Boyapati shared with ‘Andhra Jyoti’ the situation and the possibilities of nomination. She is serving as legal advisor to American Telugu Association (ATA). Features of the interview..
Another 60 days for H-1B visa holders

Is there no alternative but to join the job?

There is no such thing. There are currently three alternatives for H-1B visa holders who have lost their jobs. Finding another job within 60 days and transferring the H-1B is one, ‘Change of Status’ is another, and the last one is leaving the country.

‘Change of Status’ at a particular time

Is it possible? What are the problems involved?

For this one has to change from the current status to another status. For example, H-1B status holders can switch to F-1 status to study. If both husband and wife have H-1B visa, if one of them loses their job, the other can switch to H-4 visa as a dependent.

Apart from these, B-1 for business and B-2 for visitor can be converted to B-2 visa if there are medical problems. But in this H-4, there is no problem in getting F-1 visa if you get admission in college. But, getting B-1, B-2 is not easy. Proper reasons and evidence should be shown for this.

Do American laws justify the sudden dismissal of thousands of employees without giving at least a month’s notice?

In the United States, different states have different laws regarding employee rights. The main point to be mentioned in this is the contract that the employee enters into with the company at the time of appointment. ‘At will risk’ is clearly stated in the employment contract itself. This means that companies have the right to fire an employee without any reason. Companies are taking such decisions with the courage of this provision.
Will job security and legal protection apply to H-1B visa holders who leave India?

H-1B is a non immigrant visa .. temporary visa. Permanent citizenship rights to those who have a greencard. Because the task is lost because the task is to work. However, employees have to make sure that employees have been in advance. Is there a notice period of removal? How many days wages are given to damage? Should know the things that are said.

What changes in the American rules, other alternatives to the American rules for other countries compared to Indian experts? H-1B regulations are subject to US Immigration Act. There are all the same terms from any country. Someone will have the opportunity to be 60 days okay.

However, the effect of these two countries is still in the citizens of these countries because they are most commonly used in India. European, South American countries, Canada and Mexico are the most likely to miss the job compared to Indian citizens. Because these countries are higher with commercial contracts with US countries.

They can get a commercial business visa this-1, commercial, commercial, commercial, commercial. As well as Canada, Mexico citizens come on the H-1B visa in the United States, if the job loses the job, TN Naphta (North American Free Trade Agreement) can also be obtained.
2008 Compared to the financial…

what is the current situation in USA?
At that time, Arthost is very serious. The effect is clear that this time is not so severe. There is no need to be worried on this. Of-jobs are preparing for companies for new jobs. H-1B is going to be a new lottery approach until March 1-17. The new jobs are going to come. If the job lost to the lost month, he will have to retry H-1B and the sixths will expire. America can come to the job without needing home and again without the needary lottery.


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