Horrific Murder Unveiled: 13-Year-Old Girl and Accomplices Kill Younger Sister to Conceal Illicit Affair


In a shocking turn of events, a grisly murder has come to light in Bihar’s Vaishali district, uncovering a heinous crime committed by a 13-year-old girl, aided by her boyfriend and aunt. The motive behind this heart-wrenching act was the fear that the victim, her nine-year-old sister, would expose the elder sister’s illicit relationship with her lover to their unsuspecting parents. The details of this harrowing incident were revealed during the police investigation, which included technical and scientific analysis. The Vaishali Superintendent of Police, Ravi Ranjan Kumar, disclosed that the elder sister and her 18-year-old boyfriend confessed to the police during intense interrogation. They admitted to killing the nine-year-old girl out of fear that she would reveal their forbidden love affair to their parents, who were absent from home when the murder took place. Following the murder, they concealed the victim’s body in a box within the house. However, after three days, as the body started emitting a repugnant odor, they decided to dispose of it in a nearby field. Before doing so, they disfigured the deceased’s face with acid to hinder identification.

The tragic incident occurred on May 15, a day after the younger sister witnessed her elder sister with her boyfriend. Their parents were away attending a wedding in a neighboring village. Upon their return, they discovered their younger daughter missing, prompting them to report the incident to the nearby Jandaha police station. Initially registered as a missing person case, it quickly turned into a murder investigation when the nine-year-old’s body was discovered on May 19 in a field behind their residence. Once the putrid smell alerted authorities to the body’s location, a specialized team headed by the Mahua Deputy Superintendent of Police was assembled to investigate the matter.

Following four days of meticulous technical surveillance and scientific examination, the focus of the investigation zeroed in on the elder sister and her boyfriend. The girl’s aunt, identified as Chanda Devi, was also arrested for her alleged involvement in assisting the duo with their gruesome crime. The Vaishali Superintendent of Police confirmed that all three suspects, the elder sister, her boyfriend, and her aunt, have admitted their complicity in the horrific murder. They have been remanded to judicial custody, facing charges befitting their gruesome act. This chilling incident serves as a stark reminder of the depths to which fear and desperation can lead individuals, even at such a young age, when consumed by the need to conceal their forbidden actions.


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