Ibama Rejects Petrobras’ Request to Drill at Mouth of Amazon River, Citing Environmental Concerns


The Brazilian environmental protection agency, Ibama, made a significant announcement on Wednesday by rejecting a request from Petrobras, the state-run oil company, to drill a well at the mouth of the Amazon river. This long-awaited decision came after Ibama’s experts reviewed the proposal and recommended its rejection. Petrobras has been actively seeking to establish a new exploration site along the coast of Amapa state in northern Brazil, close to the area where Exxon Mobil has made important oil discoveries in Guyana.

However, Ibama’s technical report had previously advised against Petrobras’ request, citing a range of concerns. These included discrepancies found in environmental studies, inadequate measures for engaging with indigenous communities, and deficiencies in Petrobras’ plan to protect the region’s wildlife. In a statement, Ibama expressed its dissatisfaction with Petrobras’ failure to address the controversial aspects of the project. Despite being given multiple opportunities to resolve these issues, the company’s proposal continued to display “worrying inconsistencies” for operating in a new exploratory frontier characterized by “high socio-environmental vulnerability. “Petrobras has yet to respond to the rejection from Ibama.

The company’s request to drill at the mouth of the Amazon river has been met with strong opposition from environmentalists and indigenous groups concerned about the potential ecological impact on the Amazon rainforest, which is considered a vital global resource. The decision by Ibama to reject Petrobras’ request represents a victory for environmental protection efforts and sends a clear message about the importance of safeguarding the Amazon’s unique and fragile ecosystem. It underscores the need for thorough environmental assessments and sustainable practices in any industrial activities undertaken in the region.


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