ICC’s crackdown on illegal actions: Geovanis Uwase suspended


The International Cricket Council (ICC) has suspended Rwanda’s Geovanis Uwase for an illegal bowling action. This decision was taken after Uwase’s action was found to be in violation of the ICC’s rules on illegal bowling actions. Illegal bowling actions refer to any action that is deemed to be unfair or that gives the bowler an unfair advantage over the batsman. The ICC has strict rules in place to ensure that all bowlers adhere to these regulations, and any bowler found to be in violation of these rules can be suspended from playing cricket.

Uwase’s action was reported during a domestic match in Rwanda, following which the ICC conducted an independent assessment of his action. The assessment found that Uwase’s action was in violation of the ICC’s rules and that it provided him with an unfair advantage over the batsman. As a result of this suspension, Uwase will not be allowed to bowl in any international or domestic matches until he has undergone remedial work on his action and has been cleared by the ICC. This means that Uwase will not be able to play for his national team or represent his country in any international tournaments.

This suspension is a blow to Uwase’s cricket career, as well as to the Rwanda national cricket team. Uwase is considered one of the most promising cricketers in Rwanda and his absence will be felt by the team. It also serves as a reminder to all cricketers to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the ICC to ensure that the game is played in a fair and just manner. An illegal bowling action is determined when a bowler’s elbow extends more than 15 degrees from the point the arm is parallel to the ground until the point the ball is released. Any excessive extension of the elbow beyond this limit will not be considered when determining if an action is illegal.

Uwase will remain suspended until she completes a reassessment that confirms her elbow extension is within the ICC’s limit. Currently, Rwanda stands second in their group with one win and one loss from two games, and they are in a good position to qualify for the Super Sixes. In their next match of the first round, they will be playing against the table leaders, England in Potchefstroom.


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