Indian Railways: “Rooms in Railway Stations for Rs. 20. How to Get This Opportunity?”

Indian Railways: "Rooms in railway stations for Rs. 20. How to get this opportunity?"


“Indian railways are providing many facilities for passengers. However, there is not much information available about these facilities in homes. If you ask personally, you will get a lot of information. Indian railways are providing such facilities, but their promotion is not much.”

“Indian Railways provides various facilities for passengers. But not many people know about these facilities. If it is brought to their notice, many more people will come to know about these facilities.””Indian Railways provides limited facilities in railway stations like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and only 20 washrooms are available in big railway stations. It’s not enough. Why do we have to settle for such low rates? This is surprising and raises questions. But it is true, there are some shortcomings.”

“At certain times of the year, because of foggy conditions, rail travel becomes a common issue. During such times, rail travel is either cancelled or delayed. But what do travelers do in such cases? ” Indian railways have given a compensation option to the passengers facing this problem. They can claim a refund of only Rs. 20-40 for the unutilized tickets on the train. The tickets are valid for 48 hours.”

“Those who want to utilize these tickets, they can claim a refund by showing the confirmed ticket, PNR number. This facility is available at stations like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai. To avail this facility, passengers need to visit the IRCTC website.””It is available on the website Even those with RAC tickets can also avail this facility. Only one ticket per PNR is allowed. Those who have already booked will be able to claim the tickets on their PNR number.”


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