Indian Students Allegedly Assaulted and Subjected to Racism in Glasgow Attack


In a shocking incident that has raised concerns over safety and xenophobia, two Indian students were reportedly attacked by three individuals in Glasgow, Scotland. The incident occurred on the evening of Monday, May 15th, when the victims, identified as 29-year-old Divya Joseph, a student at the University of Glasgow, and her flatmate Aparna Talwar, a student at the University of Strathclyde, were returning home after dinner. According to the victims, the assault was unprovoked, and they were subjected to both physical violence and racial slurs. Divya recounted the harrowing experience, stating that one of the attackers pulled Aparna’s hair and pinned her down while another woman joined in the beating.

Divya attempted to intervene but was met with punches and kicks from the assailants. Shockingly, one of the attackers even threw a half-filled wine bottle at Aparna, narrowly missing her. The victims further alleged that the assault was accompanied by racist and xenophobic remarks. They claimed that the attackers, who are believed to be local residents, showed no mercy and subjected them to a brutal and unrelenting attack. The incident was reported to the Scotland Police, who responded to the scene promptly. While the police spokesperson did not confirm any arrests at the time, Divya informed The Quint that the authorities had informed them about the apprehension of the three accused individuals, who are purportedly minors.

This incident has sparked outrage and renewed discussions about the safety of international students and the prevalence of racism in society. The victims’ traumatic experience highlights the urgent need for stronger measures to combat hate crimes and ensure the well-being of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Authorities and community leaders are being urged to address this incident seriously, ensuring a thorough investigation and appropriate legal action against the perpetrators. Such acts of violence and racism not only inflict physical harm but also foster an environment of fear and insecurity among marginalized communities.


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