Is this the worst gig ever? – The Who in Cincinnati, 1979


The Who’s concert in Cincinnati, Ohio on August 3, 1979, was a disaster from start to finish. The band was late, the sound was terrible, and the setlist was a mess. The crowd was so angry that they started booing the band and throwing things at them.

The band was supposed to go on at 7:30 p.m., but they didn’t hit the stage until 9:30 p.m. This was due in part to a technical problem with the sound system, but it was also because the band had been drinking heavily backstage.

When the band finally did take the stage, the sound was terrible. The vocals were inaudible, and the guitars were distorted. The crowd started to boo, and some people even threw bottles and cans at the stage.

The setlist was also a mess. The band played a lot of songs that the audience didn’t know, and they skipped over some of their biggest hits. The crowd was getting increasingly frustrated, and the situation was starting to spiral out of control.

At one point, Pete Townshend smashed his guitar on stage. This seemed to set the crowd off, and they began to rush the stage. Townshend was hit by a bottle and suffered a minor head injury.

The band was eventually forced to cut their set short. They played only 12 songs, and they left the stage amidst a chorus of boos.

The concert in Cincinnati was a disaster for The Who. It was one of the worst gigs of their career, and it left a lasting impression on the band and the fans.

Here are some of the reasons why the concert was so bad:

  • The band was late.
  • The sound was terrible.
  • The setlist was a mess.
  • The crowd was angry.
  • The band started to fight with each other.
  • Pete Townshend was hit by a bottle.

The concert in Cincinnati was a low point in The Who’s career. It is a reminder of the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and poor planning. It is also a reminder that even the best bands can have bad nights.

In addition to the problems listed above, there were also a number of other factors that contributed to the disaster:

  • The concert was held in a large outdoor stadium, which made it difficult to control the crowd.
  • The security was inadequate.
  • The band was not prepared for the hostile reception from the crowd.


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