Ishant Sharma Lashes Out at a Brand, Arista Vault


Brands around the world try to gain as much popularity as possible by collaborating with celebrities and making them their brand’s ambassadors. But, when a brand uses a celebrity’s image or content without their permission, it’s totally unethical. One such incident recently has unfolded when Ishant Sharma took to Twitter to lash out at Arista Vault, a smart luggage brand based out of Delhi, for using his story and photos on their social media. As per his tweet, Inshant Sharma states that Arista Vault hasn’t reached out to him or his team for any kind of permission. With IPL around the corner, is it the right thing for Arista Vault to use Ishant Sharma’s name? Why did Arista Vault use his story to promote their brand? What is the story that made Ishant Sharma nostalgic about his early days in the Indian Cricket Team? Let’s find out.

Ishant Sharma’s story that Arista Vault is using on their social profiles

Ishant Sharma went to play a match in England but while in transit, he lost his cricket kit bag. It was a tense moment for him as he was not able to find his bag and had to go on to borrow one of his co-player’s belongings. According to a video, India’s fast-medium bowler Ishant Sharma is telling in a candid interview about how he lost his cricket kit bag on his way to England. This was in his initial days and when he lost his bag, he even had nothing to wear. We went to research a bit more and got to know that Ishant Sharma had to borrow stuff from Zaheer Khan in order to play in the series.

But, why is Arista Vault using Ishant Sharma’s story?

To see how Arista Vault is using Ishant Sharma’s video, click on the links:

Arista Vault is a smart luggage brand that has a tech-enabled luggage range that will help you to track your luggage from anywhere in the world. Arista Vault came across Ishant’s story and thought of monetizing the story by telling Ishant Sharma how he can use Arista Vault’s smart products to protect his possession. This wouldn’t be a problem if the brand would have taken Ishant Sharma’s permission before using his image and story.

What’s happening now?

Ishant Sharma has tweeted his disappointment in the brand and has written that his legal team will be reaching Arista Vault shortly. Meanwhile, Ishant Sharma’s fans across social media are asking for an explanation from Arista Vault. Very few people are saying that there is nothing wrong with what the brand has done but a major consensus is against the brand.

With IPL around the corner, Ishant Sharma is not interested in any controversy since he’s a playing member of the Delhi Capitals. Has the brand taken it too far by using Ishant Sharma’s name for its own publicity at a time when every cricketer wants to stay away from any kind of distractions? What do you think?



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