Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau engaged in a heated exchange over LGBTQ rights during the recent G7 leader summit in Japan


The disagreement arose when Trudeau expressed concerns about Italy’s stance on LGBTQ rights, prompting Meloni to accuse him of being misinformed. Trudeau’s criticism of Italy’s position on LGBTQ rights sparked a war of words between the two leaders. Prior to closed-door talks, Trudeau voiced his apprehension, stating, “Canada is concerned about some of the positioning that Italy is taking in terms of LGBT rights, but I look forward to talking with you.” In response, Meloni dismissed Trudeau’s comments, labeling him a “victim of fake news” and implying that he had rushed to judgment.

After their discussions, Meloni suggested that Trudeau had gained a better understanding of the situation. A statement from Trudeau’s office confirmed that he had raised concerns about LGBTQ rights in Italy, while Meloni defended her government’s adherence to court rulings on such matters. It should be noted that in March, Meloni’s far-right-led government mandated that city councils cease officially recognizing both parents in same-sex couples, only acknowledging the biological parent. This move was strongly condemned by gay rights activists as homophobic. Alessia Crocini, the president of Rainbow Families, criticized the Italian government’s actions, calling it “the maximum expression of homophobia.”

Crocini disputed Meloni’s claim that children needed both a mother and father to thrive, citing decades of research to the contrary. She expressed her disappointment, stating that such remarks were insulting to the countless families with same-sex parents. The clash between Trudeau and Meloni at the G7 summit underscores the ongoing global conversation surrounding LGBTQ rights. While Trudeau raised concerns about Italy’s position, Meloni defended her government’s actions based on court rulings. The exchange highlights the divergent perspectives on LGBTQ rights and the need for continued dialogue and understanding among world leaders.


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