Jaiib exam - how to prepare in 2023?

What is JAIIB Exam?

Junior Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers or JAIIB is an exam that is conducted by IIFB for all the members in its organization two times per year. JAIIB primarily focuses on banking concepts, regulations and all of its supplementary and complementary processes. JAIIB is one the major exams in the banking sector that critically pushes you to understand more of the subject theory and doesn’t just help you grow professionally but also holds your position in much more added weight.

Comparatively, JAIIB Exam is almost similar to the matriculation exam when it comes to finance and banking. This exam entitles you to two increments. Apart from the increment, this exam acts as a significant tool to help the candidates to get placed in various good departments such as corporate loans, Forex, Treasury and so on.

Besides these best perks, they also make way for you to grow more for better positions in the departments and greater pay scale in the banks that function under the private sector. However, by analyzing all these strong advantages of the exam, the reasons for not attending are almost zero.

Syllabus and patterns of JAIIB exam.

JAIIB holds the subjects of

  1. Principles of Banking.
  2. Legal Aspects of Banking.
  3. Accounting and Finance for bankers.

This particular exam focuses majorly on these below-listed aspects.
A. Knowledge analysis.
B. Conceptual understanding.
C. Analytical Exposition. (Also called Logical exposition.)
D. Problem solving.
E. Critical case analysis.
F. Current affairs and recent developments in its field.
In order for the candidates to achieve mastery over all the skills that are about to be evaluated, they must ensure thorough study and review of newspapers, magazines and articles including the institute’s publishing such as IIB VISION and BANK QUEST.

JAIIB exam will entirely be Objective type or multiple-choice questions. Each paper will have around 90 questions with a total duration of 2 hours. Each paper will be of 100 marks in total. Remember, the number of questions is completely dependent on the institute as they have the authority to increase or decrease.

Mode of conducting the exam

JAIIB exam can be conducted in both online and offline modes. However, there are certain distinctions that follow accordingly.
If the exam is conducted in offline mode, then the exam will be scheduled for two consecutive Sundays with Two papers for the first and one paper for the second Sunday.
Also, if the exam is under the online mode, three consecutive Sundays will be allotted for the exam, having one paper for each of the three Sundays.
Exam fee: Rs. 2697/-


There are many innovative but effective ways to prepare for the exam and here, we’ll go with the most trusted and followed method. One may also call it a traditional/basic method.
Stage 1. Understand the level of knowledge beforehand. Make a list of all the aspects and topics you’ve already mastered. Then on, follow up those topics through the topics in the provided syllabus. This way helps in understanding yourself better and to focus on what needs to be emphasized and done.
Stage 2. After this stage of understanding the level of knowledge candidates must definitely make use of course content that is already prepared by the institute itself. In it, topics ranging from the edges of the syllabus to the all-around depth of the same, is a gifted resource for any aspiring candidate. Study and analyze the courseware in every possible way. That’s it, you’re almost ready for the exam!
Stage 3. After accomplishing both the above stages, it’s important to test yourself for how much you’ve learnt. For this, mockup tests, previous years’ question papers, quizzes and so on could potentially help candidates a lot. Hence, in this stage of preparation self-evaluation is emphasized
Stage 4. Finance is a very crucial sector for any changes to happen. Candidates must often keep an eye out for all the news, circulars, statements, regulations, updating information etc. in major organizations such as RBI, SEBI, BIS, IRDAI and so on. Once you’re thorough with all these stages, you’re completely prepared to get through the JAIIB examination with ease.


Although the JAIIB exam is a tool for progressive pay scale and a factor for better positions in the finance and banking sector, it poses a great chance for one’s professional growth. Preparations for such exams should be highly responsible and dedicated. Major references and the guiding books that are prescribed in the courseware should be treated no less than a Bible of the exam.

Also, one must be continuously motivated in order to accomplish this task. However, as this exam may seem a great task from the outer view, it because smaller and smaller as we plan and work accordingly. Nonetheless, exams are part of our lives, either we’ll have to get through them or regret not getting through them. I’m afraid we are short on options for this.
With a proper understanding of the task, planning and dedication this exam is also a simple daily life task. Do take up the preparations seriously and give it your best shot.

Best of luck to all the aspiring candidates!


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