Japanese PM Fumio Kishida Removes Son from Secretary Position Over “Inappropriate Behavior”


In a move to address concerns raised by a recent magazine report, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced on Monday that he would be removing his son from the position of his secretary. The decision was prompted by allegations of “inappropriate behavior” exhibited by Shotaro Kishida at the official residence. The magazine had published photos showing relatives of Shotaro pretending to hold a press conference and one individual lying down on red-carpeted stairs during a party held last year.

Addressing reporters, Prime Minister Kishida stated that his son’s conduct in a public space was deemed unsuitable for a political secretary, leading to the decision to replace him. Shotaro Kishida will officially resign from his position on June 1st. Although the Prime Minister had previously reprimanded his 32-year-old son, opposition parties criticized the handling of the situation and called for his removal. This incident follows prior controversy involving Shotaro, who had utilized official cars during a trip to Europe to purchase souvenirs for ministers, drawing criticism.

The Japanese government had experienced a surge in public support, with approval ratings reaching 46 percent in May, but the publication of the magazine report concerning the party has raised questions. Additionally, Prime Minister Kishida has faced challenges in his administration, having lost four ministers in the span of three months due to allegations of financial irregularities or links to the controversial Unification Church. These recent developments have placed the spotlight on the Prime Minister’s ability to maintain stability and credibility within his government.


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