Jishnu Barua Appointed as New Chairperson of Central Electricity Regulatory Commission


The Indian government has appointed Jishnu Barua as the new chairperson of the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (CERC). Barua, a former bureaucrat, will replace P K Pujari, who completed his tenure as the chairperson of CERC.

Barua has served in various positions in the Indian government, including as an advisor in the Ministry of Power, where he was responsible for developing policies related to power sector reforms, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. He has also worked as the Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Coal and as an officer on special duty in the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas.

As the chairperson of CERC, Barua will play a crucial role in regulating the electricity industry in India. The CERC is responsible for regulating the tariffs of power generating companies and transmission companies, ensuring grid reliability and efficiency, and promoting competition in the electricity market.

Barua’s appointment comes at a time when the Indian electricity industry is undergoing significant changes. The Indian government has set ambitious targets for renewable energy generation and has introduced various reforms to promote competition and transparency in the electricity market. The CERC is expected to play a critical role in facilitating these changes and ensuring that the electricity industry in India remains sustainable and reliable.

Barua’s appointment has been welcomed by industry experts and stakeholders in the electricity sector. They have expressed confidence in his ability to steer the CERC in the right direction and provide effective leadership in regulating the electricity industry.

In conclusion, the appointment of Jishnu Barua as the new chairperson of CERC is a significant development in the Indian electricity industry. With his extensive experience in the Indian government and expertise in power sector reforms, Barua is well-equipped to lead the CERC and play a crucial role in shaping the future of the Indian electricity industry. His appointment is expected to provide much-needed stability and continuity to the CERC, which will be critical in ensuring that the Indian electricity industry remains competitive and sustainable in the years to come.


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