Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah Vows Stringent Action Against Moral Policing and Fake News Spreaders


In a resolute move to prioritize law and order in the state, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah of Karnataka has declared that his government will take firm measures against individuals engaging in moral policing, disseminating fake news via social media, and disturbing social harmony. During the presentation of the state government’s inaugural budget, Siddaramaiah emphasized the need to tackle these issues and restore peace and communal harmony within society. Addressing the media after a meeting with the top leadership of the Karnataka police, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, accompanied by Deputy Chief Minister DK Shivakumar, directed the police force to create a hassle-free environment for the public, firmly stating that moral policing would no longer be tolerated.

The chief minister’s determination to eradicate this phenomenon was evident in his words, as he stressed the need to put an end to moral policing and ensure its recurrence is prevented. Taking concrete steps to combat moral policing, the Karnataka police established an anti-communal wing within the Mangaluru police commissionerate limits. The decision to form this specialized unit was announced by Dr. G Parameshwara, who highlighted the need to address the rising incidents of moral policing reported in the Dakshina Kannada region. With growing frustration among the public regarding moral policing, the government aims to curb these activities and prevent their proliferation in the area.

Furthermore, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah has instructed police officials to crack down on fake news mechanisms and take strict action against those responsible for spreading misinformation through social media platforms. The government recognizes the harmful impact of fake news and the urgent need to counter its spread. By addressing this issue, the government aims to safeguard public trust and ensure accurate information dissemination.

The proactive measures taken by the Karnataka government under the leadership of Chief Minister Siddaramaiah demonstrate a strong commitment to maintaining law and order, promoting social harmony, and safeguarding the welfare of the people. By emphasizing stringent action against moral policing and the spread of fake news, the government aims to create a secure and inclusive environment for all citizens. These efforts signify a step towards restoring peace and communal harmony in Karnataka and fostering a society based on tolerance, respect, and justice.


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