Kerala Couture Maestros Triumph at World Couture League, Winning “Most Creative Fashion Installation and Artistic Presentation Award”


Mumbai — In a momentous victory for Kerala’s fashion fraternity, Team Kerala Couture Maestros, representing the state at the World Couture League, has clinched the prestigious “Most Creative Fashion Installation and Artistic Presentation Award.” This recognition not only honors the talent and creativity of the designers but also highlights Kerala’s unique contribution to the world of fashion.

The winning team, led by Captain Jazeela KM, showcased unparalleled creativity and artistic finesse in their fashion installation, leaving an indelible mark on the global couture landscape. The accolade is a testament to their dedication, innovation, and commitment to promoting the rich cultural heritage of Kerala.

World Couture League’s Initiative to Promote Indian Handloom and Artisans:

This victory holds special significance as it marks the successful implementation of World Designing Forum’s pioneering initiative to promote Indian handloom and artisans. The World Couture League, for the first time, provided a platform for designers to showcase their creations that prominently featured Indian handloom fabrics and celebrated the skills of local artisans.

National Handloom Day Celebration: A Landmark Moment for All States

In a groundbreaking move, World Designing Forum, in collaboration with all Indian states, has declared August 7th, 2024, as “National Handloom Day.” This day will serve as a united celebration across the nation, emphasizing the importance of supporting local artisans and the “Vocal for Local” mission.

The CEO of World Designing Forum Ankush Anami extends heartfelt congratulations to Team Kerala Couture Maestros, acknowledging their exceptional talent and contribution to the promotion of Indian handloom. The victory is not just for Kerala but a proud moment for the entire nation.

Team Kerala Couture Maestros:

Captain Jazeela KM

Grita Selix

Baby Shahina PK

Ambily Ammu


Reshma TK

Safeena Hameed

This triumph at the World Couture League is a remarkable achievement for Team Kerala Couture Maestros and reflects the ongoing success of World Designing Forum’s mission to propel Indian fashion onto the global stage.

About World Designing Forum:

World Designing Forum is a global platform committed to fostering innovation and excellence in the field of fashion and design. With a mission to promote Indian craftsmanship, handloom, and artisanal skills, WDF organizes events and initiatives that bring together designers, enthusiasts, and industry experts from around the world.

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