Kerala doctor stabbed to death by teacher


Tragic Incident at Kottarakkara Taluk Hospital Leaves Doctor Dead and Raises Questions.

In a shocking incident that unfolded in the early hours of Wednesday, a 25-year-old woman doctor was brutally stabbed to death by a school teacher while she was treating him at Kottarakkara Taluk Hospital. The victim, identified as Vandana Das, a dedicated house surgeon from Kaduthuruthy in Kottayam, was in her final year of MBBS studies at Kollam Azeezia Institute of Medical Sciences & Research.

The accused, S Sandeep, a 42-year-old teacher at Nedumbana UP School, had been taken into custody by the police following a brawl with his neighbors. Due to his injuries sustained during the altercation, Sandeep was brought to the hospital for treatment. However, in a shocking turn of events, while the doctor was dressing his wounds, Sandeep suddenly launched a violent assault on her with a pair of scissors he had obtained in the dressing room.

Witnesses reported that Sandeep stabbed the doctor six times, causing multiple severe injuries to her back and abdomen. Despite the efforts of the medical staff to save her, Vandana succumbed to her wounds, leaving the hospital staff and police officers in a state of shock and disbelief. Sandeep’s violent rampage did not end there, as he went on to attack five more people and vandalize the hospital.

Authorities have revealed that Sandeep had a history of addiction and was receiving treatment at a de-addiction center. The motive behind the heinous act remains unclear, leaving police officers and hospital staff searching for answers.

The tragic loss of a promising young doctor has sent shockwaves through the medical community and beyond. Vandana Das’s untimely demise serves as a grim reminder of the vulnerability faced by medical professionals in the line of duty. This tragic incident calls for a thorough investigation to uncover the factors that led to such a horrific act and reinforces the need for enhanced security measures to ensure the safety of healthcare providers while they tirelessly serve the community.


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