Khomane Agro: Revolutionizing FMCG and Agro Industries with Tradition and Innovation


Pune, Maharashtra – Khomane Agro, a rising star in the Indian FMCG and Agro industries, is making waves with its unique blend of tradition and innovation. Founded in 2022, the company is committed to delivering premium products while empowering farmers and bolstering India’s agricultural economy.

Championing Sustainable Practices and Farmer Partnerships

Khomane Agro stands out for its dedication to quality, sustainability, and collaboration. They have forged partnerships with over 10,000 farmers across India, championing organic and fresh ingredient sourcing. The company actively works with visionary farmers who share their passion for innovation and experimentation in crop management practices. This approach ensures not only the highest quality ingredients but also supports sustainable farming methods.

A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Khomane Agro isn’t just about revolutionizing agricultural practices; they’re also redefining the way consumers experience traditional Indian flavors. Their product range offers a delightful fusion of time-tested recipes and modern convenience:






Cold-Pressed Oils


Spreading the Taste of India

Khomane Agro’s success story isn’t limited to India. They have established a presence in Canada through their partner Flint Food, making their authentic Indian flavors accessible to a wider audience. With over 200 distributors across Maharashtra alone, Khomane Agro is a leading player in the regional market, and their reach continues to expand.

Contact Information:

Website (India):

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Mobile: 8767306068


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