Kireeti & Salman – Founders- Impactrix Ad Agency Pvt Ltd has been recognized Best Emerging Serial Entrepreneur of the Year – 2023, Hyderabad.


Kireeti & Salman, the Founders, with their visionary thoughts, comes up with fresh company ideas and buckles down to develop these ideas into a new endeavour. With their ingenuity, Kireeti & Salman has managed to learn from their failures and are now running on the path of success. Today, they are known as a serial entrepreneurs who holds the skill to manage a series of enterprises simultaneously.

The proficiency of operating a series of enterprises concurrently can only be done by one who has a craze and love for innovation and has outstanding ideas. This is Kireeti & Salman who can make this magic happen. their ground-breaking nature allows them to have further exposure and witness how much better they can get at multitasking. they wants to probe all thier fresh ideas and turn them into something triumphant.

Impactrix Ad Agency – A marketing agency in Hyderabad, a name that has been echoing constantly for its fabulous work, won “The Most Prominent Marketing and Communications Agency of the Year – 2023, Hyderabad” at “Nation Wide awards”. Kireeti & Salman, a young entrepreneurs with profuse dedication and enthusiasm, was awarded “The Best Emerging Serial Entrepreneur of the Year” award. That is a crowning achievement, especially for someone who set up not long ago.

Acknowledged as a reputable marketing firm in Hyderabad with a tradition of excellence in a variety of sectors, Impactrix Ad Agency offers distinctive marketing solutions to small, medium, and large organizations. They have designed several memorable campaigns for their clients and this has aided business in building and maintaining relationships with target audiences. Now, they are growing exponentially as they are being recognised and approached internationally too.

With a talented and committed team who has a great understanding about the needs of their clients, Impactrix Ad Agency is marching ahead towards their goal of success. They always manage timely deliveries with diligence and persistence

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