Lapicart Goes Nationwide – a first of its kind in the nation unique platform exclusively for pre-owned MacBooks 


Lapicart, an emerging Indian startup, is set to revolutionize the pre-owned MacBook market with its nationwide launch. Founded together by Sarransh and Vishal, seasoned entrepreneurs with a decade of industry and startup experience. Lapicart is more than just a business – it’s a tech revolution making premium quality MacBooks accessible to all.

Origin Story: A Proof of Concept

The journey of Lapicart began with an experiment. The founders personally sold 100 laptops from various brands, testing the waters and understanding the intricacies of the pre-owned market. This hands-on approach not only provided invaluable insights but also laid the groundwork for a business model that prioritizes quality and customer trust above all.

Strategic Partnerships and Incubation

Lapicart’s credibility is bolstered by being incubated by NASSCOM, a testament to its innovative business model. Further, with cloud credits from Amazon Web Services and software support from ZOHO, the startup is well-equipped with the tools to provide an unmatched shopping experience.

The Lapicart Difference

Setting itself apart from typical refurbished sellers, Lapicart offers pre-owned MacBooks that are directly sourced and meticulously inspected with their 40 points checklist which every MacBook has to pass before it goes to the customers.. This approach ensures each device meets high standards, offering peace of mind to customers. Moreover, Lapicart’s commitment to not being an aggregator maintains the assurance of quality in every purchase.

Innovative Customer Assistance: Meet Lapicsa

At the heart of Lapicart’s customer service is Lapicsa, their well-trained AI chatbot. Designed to guide customers effortlessly, Lapicsa helps in making informed decisions, matching each buyer with their ideal MacBook model.

Accessible Luxury and Safety

Understanding the financial constraints of the customers, Lapicart introduces EMI options, making premium tech more affordable. Each MacBook is delivered in a premium Lapicart box, designed to offer a unique and memorable unboxing experience. Coupled with insured and safe delivery through their partnership with DTDC, they ensure every purchase is not only risk-free but also genuinely satisfying.

A Sustainable Tech Future

Lapicart’s vision extends to promoting sustainable tech usage. By giving new life to pre-owned MacBooks, they are also contributing to reducing e-waste, aligning with their eco-friendly ethos.


It’s not just about buying a MacBook; it’s about stepping into a world of trust, quality, and sustainability. The same is also reflects in their tagline – “Buy MacBooks Fearlessly”

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