Meta Platforms Makes Concessions to Address UK Competition Concerns Over Advertising Data Usage


In response to concerns raised by the UK’s competition watchdog, social media giant Meta Platforms Inc, formerly known as Facebook, has offered to impose limitations on the utilization of advertising data belonging to other businesses. The move comes as part of Meta’s efforts to address the regulatory concerns surrounding its dominant position in the social media and digital advertising markets. The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) had expressed apprehensions regarding Meta’s use of advertising data from rival businesses, which could potentially impede competition and hinder the growth of smaller players in the industry.

In an attempt to assuage these concerns, Meta has put forth a proposal to restrict the extent to which it can leverage such data, thus providing a level playing field for other market participants. By curtailing its access to and utilization of advertising data belonging to competing businesses, Meta aims to alleviate the CMA’s worries regarding its potential anti-competitive practices. The social media behemoth recognizes the importance of fair competition and seeks to create an environment where smaller businesses can thrive alongside larger platforms.

This development highlights Meta’s willingness to engage with regulatory authorities and address concerns pertaining to its market dominance. The proposed limitations on the use of advertising data demonstrate the company’s commitment to fostering competition and ensuring a more equitable digital landscape. As discussions between Meta and the UK CMA continue, the outcome of these negotiations will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the social media and digital advertising sectors in the UK.


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