Multiple Student Suicides at Kota’s Allen Institute Raise Concerns Over Negligence and Allegations of Concealing Suicide Notes


In a tragic turn of events, Kota’s renowned coaching institute, Allen Institute, has come under scrutiny as five students have taken their own lives within a span of just one month. The grieving relatives of the deceased students are now alleging that the police and the institute’s administration have hidden the suicide notes, leaving them with unanswered questions about the reasons behind these drastic actions and the possibility of academic pressure.

From May 9 to May 27, five students tragically ended their lives, leaving their families devastated and the entire community in shock. Concerned parents have raised serious doubts about the institute’s negligence in addressing the mental well-being of its students. They question why the administration has not shown immediate concern despite the frequency of suicides, emphasizing that timely action could have prevented such devastating incidents. The parents argue that had the institute taken proactive measures to identify shortcomings and address students’ needs, their children would not have been driven to contemplate suicide.

Furthermore, the aggrieved parents argue that the five reported suicides may only be the tip of the iceberg, speculating that the actual number of cases might be higher. They cast doubt on the institute’s transparency, alleging that the administration has intentionally concealed the real figures. Additionally, they accuse the police of hiding the suicide notes recovered from the students’ rooms, further deepening their mistrust and intensifying their demand for transparency and accountability.

The most recent incident involved a female student from Rajasthan who took her own life by hanging herself. Prior to that, a male student from Bihar also tragically hanged himself in his hostel room. The mother of the deceased male student expressed her anguish, stating that despite her desperate attempts to reach her son, the institute’s administration remained unresponsive. The hostel authorities were uncooperative and withheld information about her son’s whereabouts, compounding her distress during those critical hours.

The alarming number of student suicides within the premises of Allen Institute has sparked a wave of concern and criticism, with the spotlight now firmly on the institute’s management. The tragic deaths have shed light on the pressing need to prioritize the mental health of students and ensure that adequate support systems are in place to address their emotional well-being. The grieving relatives, demanding justice for their lost loved ones, call for a thorough investigation into the circumstances leading to these tragic suicides and urge the institute’s administration to be transparent in their handling of the situation.

As the gravity of the situation continues to unfold, it is essential for the authorities to acknowledge the magnitude of the problem and take immediate action to prevent any further loss of life. The well-being of the students should remain at the forefront, with an urgent need for enhanced mental health support and open dialogue to address the underlying issues within the institute.


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