Naseeruddin Shah Criticizes New Parliament Inauguration, Accuses Supreme Leader of Self-Aggrandizement


In a recent interview, veteran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah expressed his concerns and raised questions regarding the grand inauguration of India’s new Parliament building. Shah’s remarks, published in an op-ed by The Indian Express, shed light on his skepticism about the intentions behind such an elaborate event.

Shah, known for his outspoken nature and insightful commentary, voiced his apprehensions about the ceremony’s scale and its perceived purpose. The actor suggested that the inauguration seemed more like an opportunity for the country’s supreme leader to build a monument to himself rather than a genuine celebration of democratic progress. Drawing attention to the extravagant display of power and opulence, Shah pointed out that the allocation of such enormous resources for the construction and inauguration of the new Parliament building could have been better utilized to address pressing social issues faced by the nation. He argued that the funds could have been directed towards improving education, healthcare, and infrastructure, all of which are essential for the welfare of the people.

Shah’s remarks come at a time when India is grappling with numerous socio-economic challenges, including poverty, inequality, and inadequate public services. In his critique, he emphasized the need for responsible governance, urging leaders to prioritize the welfare of the citizens over personal glorification. While acknowledging the significance of a Parliament building as a symbol of democracy, Shah questioned whether the extravagant ceremony was the best way to mark the occasion. He emphasized the importance of humility and reminded the nation’s leaders that the true strength of a democracy lies in its ability to address the needs and aspirations of its people.

The actor’s comments have sparked a debate among citizens, intellectuals, and political commentators, with some echoing his concerns while others defending the inauguration as a symbol of progress and national pride. The discourse reflects the diverse opinions within Indian society regarding the allocation of resources and the role of grand spectacles in governance. In conclusion, Naseeruddin Shah’s criticism of the new Parliament building’s inauguration as a monument to the supreme leader highlights a broader debate about the priorities and responsibilities of governance. As India strives for progress and inclusivity, the discourse ignited by Shah’s remarks serves as a reminder that the focus should remain on the welfare and empowerment of the nation’s citizens.


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