Nepal Embraces Electricity Export to India as Hydroelectric Generation Surges


Nepal has commenced its electricity export to India, taking advantage of the heightened generation of hydroelectricity from run-of-the-river projects during the monsoon season. The surplus electricity production in the Himalayan nation has enabled Nepal to sell 600 MW hours of electricity to its neighboring country since Saturday, marking a significant milestone in the bilateral energy trade. Suresh Bhattarai, the spokesperson for Nepal Electricity Authority, confirmed the development, emphasizing the availability of excess electricity within Nepal.

In the past, Nepal relied on importing up to 400 MW of electricity from India to meet its domestic demand. However, the situation has now transformed, with the country experiencing a boost in electricity supply during the summer months while witnessing a rise in demand during the winter season. This shift in dynamics has enabled Nepal to take advantage of its run-of-the-river hydroelectric projects, which form the backbone of its power generation infrastructure. The electricity export to India not only strengthens Nepal’s energy independence but also provides a significant economic opportunity.

Last year alone, Nepal earned approximately 12 billion rupees from exporting electricity to its southern neighbor during the period from June to November. This positive trend bodes well for the energy sector in Nepal, fostering growth and prosperity through increased electricity generation and trade. The recent surge in hydroelectric power production signifies Nepal’s commitment to sustainable energy practices while capitalizing on its natural resources. As Nepal takes strides toward becoming a reliable electricity exporter, the country sets a promising precedent for harnessing renewable energy and fostering regional cooperation in the pursuit of a greener future.


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