Nine-Year-Old Boy Rescued from Borewell After Seven-Hour Ordeal in Jaipur


A nine-year-old boy named Akshit was successfully rescued on Saturday after falling into an open borewell in the Bhojpura village of Jobner, Jaipur district. The incident occurred while Akshit was playing, resulting in his entrapment approximately 70 feet deep inside the borewell.

The local authorities swiftly responded to the incident, initiating a rescue operation that lasted seven hours. Teams from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), and Civil Defence were mobilized to assist in the operation. The collective efforts of these teams proved fruitful as they managed to rescue the young boy.

SDM Arun Jain reported that Akshit’s condition was stable after the rescue and he was promptly transported to a hospital in Jobner for further medical evaluation. Throughout the rescue operation, Akshit maintained communication with his rescuers, who supplied him with oxygen, water, and biscuits to sustain him while trapped underground.

The news of the incident quickly spread, attracting attention from various individuals, including Agriculture Minister Lalchand Kataria, who visited the scene to assess the situation and offer support.

The successful rescue mission brought relief and joy to the community, who had anxiously awaited the outcome. The collaborative efforts of the administrative staff, along with the NDRF, SDRF, and Civil Defence teams, were crucial in ensuring Akshit’s safe retrieval from the borewell.

Incidents involving individuals falling into borewells are not uncommon in certain regions, and such incidents often require prompt and coordinated rescue operations. The recent rescue of Akshit serves as a reminder of the importance of emergency response preparedness and the dedication of those involved in such operations.

The incident highlights the need for increased awareness regarding safety measures, especially in areas where borewells are prevalent. The authorities may consider implementing stricter regulations to prevent such accidents and ensure the well-being of children and the community at large.

Overall, the successful rescue of Akshit from the borewell exemplifies the power of teamwork and the commitment of rescue personnel, providing a glimmer of hope in the face of adversity.


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