Nupur Shikhare and Ira Khan’s Star-Studded Wedding Reception: A Celebration of Elegance and Playful Love


Fitness coach Nupur Shikhare and Bollywood star Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan, recently tied the knot in a grand Indian wedding in Udaipur. The festivities continued with a lavish reception at the Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre in Mumbai, where the newlyweds showcased their elegance and shared playful moments.

The couple, adorned in exquisite attire, captivated the audience with their stylish appearance. Nupur chose a sophisticated shimmery black sherwani, complemented by a striking red pocket square, while Ira looked radiant in a stunning red lehenga. The combination of traditional and modern elements reflected their unique style.

The highlight of the reception was the charming exchange of lifts between the bride and groom. In the first picture shared by Nupur on his Instagram, he graciously poses with Ira, and in the next, the bride playfully lifts her husband. The images capture the essence of their joyful connection and the spirit of their union.

Nupur’s caption, “I want to be Very Married with you bubs,” adds a sweet and personal touch to the post, expressing the depth of their commitment and love. The use of endearing terms and the playful emojis convey the couple’s happiness and excitement for this new chapter in their lives.

The star-studded reception hosted for Bollywood and Mumbai celebrities added glamour to the celebration. The Nita Mukesh Ambani Cultural Centre served as a perfect venue, providing an elegant backdrop for the festivities.

As the newlyweds embark on this journey together, their wedding reception stands as a testament to the blend of tradition, style, and a touch of playful romance. Nupur Shikhare and Ira Khan’s wedding celebration is not only a union of two souls but also a reflection of their individuality and shared joy. Congratulations to the delightful couple!


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