Obeetee Carpets Unveils Exquisite Hand-Knotted Masterpieces for New Indian Parliament Building


Obeetee Carpets, a renowned Indian company, has revealed its magnificent hand-knotted carpets that will grace the floors of the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in the new Parliament building. With an extraordinary effort involving up to 900 skilled artisans from Uttar Pradesh, these premium carpets have been meticulously crafted over a staggering “10 lakh man-hours.”

The unveiling of the carpets is set to coincide with the inauguration of the new Parliament building by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday. Obeetee Carpets, which boasts a century-long legacy, has intricately woven over 150 carpets for each of the Houses, combining them into a single carpet in a semi-circular design that seamlessly aligns with the architectural layout, covering an expansive area of 35,000 square feet.

The carpets in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha feature exquisite motifs inspired by India’s national bird, the peacock, and national flower, the lotus, respectively. The Rajya Sabha carpet showcases shades of kokum red, while the Lok Sabha carpet draws its inspiration from the Indian agave green and the resplendent plumes of the Indian peacock.

Highlighting the exceptional craftsmanship, Rudra Chatterjee, Chairman of Obeetee Carpets, emphasized that the weavers meticulously executed “120 knots per square inch,” resulting in over “600 million knots” across the entire project. The enormity of the halls, with each measuring up to 17,500 square feet, presented a significant challenge for the design team. The team overcame this hurdle by carefully crafting the carpet in separate sections and seamlessly joining them, ensuring the creative finesse of the weavers harmoniously blended to create a unified carpet capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic.

Chatterjee further revealed that the project commenced amidst the pandemic in 2020. The weaving process began in September 2021 and concluded by May 2022, followed by the installation phase commencing in November 2022. Crafting each carpet with a high density of 120 knots per square inch demanded approximately seven months of meticulous work.

Obeetee Carpets takes immense pride in showcasing these awe-inspiring carpets, a testament to the incredible talent and dedication of the artisans from the Bhadohi and Mirzapur districts of Uttar Pradesh. The collaboration between tradition, artistry, and architectural vision has resulted in an extraordinary display of craftsmanship that will adorn the heart of Indian democracy for generations to come.


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