Old Notes can be Exchanged..!

Old notes can be exchanged..!

Old notes can be exchanged..!
Old notes can be exchanged..!

– Rs. 500s, Rs. 1000 notes opportunity
– Coins as well as notes
– Which is the bank that gave the bumper offer
– Know what the rules are
Darshini Desk: Do you still have old Rs. 500 notes, Rs. Are there 1000 notes..? Are you tired of not being able to change them? But a bumper came to change them. After demonetisation, various viral and fake news regarding currency notes continue to come across the country.

But now Punjab National Bank has brought you a special offer to get new notes. You can easily exchange your old and damaged notes in this bank. The bank informed about these notes through their official tweet. PNB on its official tweet you can contact your nearest branch
It has been clarified that old and worn notes as well as old coins can be exchanged in this bank. But it is suggested that there will be some conditions.
How to exchange notes..?
According to RBI, any torn note is accepted only if one part is missing or more than two pieces are torn, where the essential part of the note is missing. If there is no authorization, guarantee clause, signature, Ashoka Stupa, Mahatma Gandhi photo, watermark etc., your note will not be exchanged.

Long circulation in the market can also convert inferior notes that are unfit for use. But if you are a PNB customer, you can exchange your old notes and coins for new notes by visiting your nearest branch.
What are the new regulations of the Reserve Bank?
No need to worry if you have old, tattered notes. Now you can exchange such notes by visiting any branch of the bank. If any bank employee refuses to exchange your note, you can complain about it. You must remember that the worse the condition of the note, the lower its value.

It is also possible to exchange these notes from the RBI office. Burnt notes can also be exchanged. But banks don’t take them, you have to take them to RBI issue office. Remember that the company will definitely check these things to ensure that the damage to your note is genuine and not intentional damage.


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