OPPO India and CSCs Empower 10,000 Women as “Cyber Sanginis”


OPPO India, a leading smartphone brand, has announced a partnership with Common Services Centres (CSCs) to train 10,000 women as ‘Cyber Sanginis’. The partnership aims to empower women and enable them to take advantage of digital opportunities in the country. As part of the partnership, OPPO India and CSCs will conduct training programs across the country for women, teaching them digital skills such as mobile repair, IT literacy, and digital marketing. The training will be provided through the CSC network, which has a presence in over 600,000 villages across India.

The initiative, named “Cyber Sangini” is aimed at providing technical and digital skills to women, enabling them to take advantage of the digital opportunities in the country and to become self-reliant. The program will help women to become entrepreneurs and earn a livelihood by providing digital services to their communities. The Director-General of CSCs, Dr. Dinesh Tyagi, said in a statement, that this partnership will heavily empower women to gain full advantage of diversified digital opportunities in the country which will also help in construction of the bridge the digital divide in rural areas.”

OPPO India’s Vice President, Mr. Eric Hu said, “This partnership with CSCs aligns with our vision of empowering women and enabling them to take advantage of digital opportunities. We are committed to providing training and support to women in rural areas and help them to become self-reliant.” The training program is set to begin in the coming months and it is expected to have a positive impact on the lives of the women who participate in it. The partnership between OPPO India and CSCs is an important step in the direction of digital empowerment of women in India.

Oppo India and CSC’s collaboration would enable individuals to become Cyber Security Ambassadors who will be regularly taught and supported. Participants will earn a certificate from the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology upon completion of the 45-day course (NIELIT). The certificate will assist them in obtaining employment and other means of subsistence in their community. The ‘Cyber Sanginis’ would be educated on the existing rules and framework that any citizen may use to protect themselves from such cyber events.


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