Outrage on Social Media as Man Strips Feathers off Peacock in Madhya Pradesh, Authorities Hunt for Accused


In a shocking incident that has stirred outrage on social media, a man was caught on video stripping the feathers off a peacock in the Katni district of Madhya Pradesh. The video, which quickly went viral after being shared by the perpetrator on his social media accounts, has garnered widespread condemnation, with numerous users demanding swift and strict action against the accused. Identifying the man as Atul, the local police have launched a search operation to apprehend him.

The Divisional Forest Officer (DFO), Gaurav Sharma, stated that they were able to identify Atul based on the bike number seen in the viral video, which is registered in the Reethi police station area of the district. The disturbing footage shows Atul callously pulling out the peacock’s vibrant feathers while being watched by a friend. The video was accompanied by a song playing in the background, adding to the shocking nature of the act. However, when the authorities went to arrest Atul, he was not present at his residence.

As a result, they have urged local residents and the media to inform them immediately if they come across any information about the accused. The incident has sparked widespread condemnation and calls for justice for the mistreated peacock. Animal rights activists, social media users, and concerned citizens are urging the authorities to take strict action against the perpetrator to ensure such acts of cruelty are not tolerated. The investigation into the matter continues as the search for Atul intensifies.


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