Passengers Evacuate Japan Airlines Airbus After Runway Collision


In a harrowing incident at Tokyo-Haneda airport, over 350 passengers aboard a Japan Airlines (JAL) Airbus A350 found themselves in a perilous situation as the aircraft caught fire following a collision with a turboprop aircraft from Japan’s Coast Guard. The unsettling visuals, now circulating widely, showcase the passengers’ daring escape from the blazing plane.

The collision occurred as the Airbus A350 was in the process of de-accelerating after landing, adding a layer of complexity to an already critical situation. The aftermath witnessed flames engulfing the aircraft, creating a chaotic scene on the runway.

Footage shared by the Global aviation safety website JACDED captures the intensity of the evacuation. The video reveals passengers sliding down the inflatable ramp positioned above one of the wings. Notably, one of the engines continued to run as passengers descended the emergency slide, underscoring the urgency and immediacy of the evacuation process.

About Japan Airlines Airbus:

The incident highlights the effectiveness of emergency evacuation procedures and the crucial role played by well-trained flight crews in ensuring the safety of passengers. Despite the alarming circumstances, the rapid deployment of the inflatable slide allowed for a swift evacuation, minimizing the potential risks posed by the fire.

Questions inevitably arise regarding the circumstances leading to the collision between the JAL Airbus A350 and the Coast Guard turboprop aircraft. Aviation authorities will undoubtedly conduct a thorough investigation to determine the root causes and identify any lapses in safety protocols. Such incidents underscore the need for continuous review and enhancement of aviation safety measures to prevent future mishaps.

Passenger safety remains a top priority for airlines worldwide, and this incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictability of air travel. As news of the dramatic escape circulates, it prompts reflection on the resilience of both passengers and airline personnel in the face of unforeseen challenges, emphasizing the importance of preparedness and effective crisis management in the aviation industry.


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