PM Modi Aims to Elevate India-Australia Relations, Emphasizes Shared Efforts for Indo-Pacific Challenges


India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emphasized the importance of addressing challenges in the Indo-Pacific region through shared efforts and expressed his desire to elevate the relationship with Australia to new heights. In an interview with “The Australian” newspaper, Modi highlighted climate change, terrorism, security of sea lanes, and piracy as key challenges requiring collaborative solutions.

Modi expressed his ambition to strengthen defense and security ties with Australia to foster an open and free Indo-Pacific. He commended the shared strategic viewpoints and mutual trust between the two democracies, which have led to increased cooperation in defense and security matters. Notably, joint naval exercises and growing defense links have been instrumental in realizing the potential of the bilateral relationship.

Addressing concerns about India’s stance on Russia’s actions in Ukraine, Modi emphasized the advantage of being good friends, allowing for open discussions and understanding of different viewpoints. He assured that Australia comprehends India’s position, and it does not adversely impact their bilateral relations.

During his visit to Australia, Modi aimed to identify new areas of cooperation, including technology, clean energy, critical minerals, mining, cybersecurity, resilient supply chains, and the movement of skilled professionals. He believed that the bilateral relationship had been fundamentally transformed since his last visit, with progress in defense, security, investment, education, water management, climate change, renewable energy, sports, science, health, culture, and more.

Modi acknowledged the significance of people-to-people contacts, emphasizing the growing Indian diaspora in Australia as a strong pillar of the partnership. He expressed confidence that his meetings with Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the community event celebrating the Indian diaspora would facilitate discussions on expanding cooperation and identifying areas of complementarity.

Overall, Modi’s visit to Australia aimed to deepen the ties between the two nations, leveraging their shared interests in an open and inclusive Indo-Pacific. With a focus on defense, security, and a wide range of sectors, the leaders aimed to enhance cooperation and tap into the true potential of the bilateral relationship.


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