PM Modi Encourages Wedding Celebrations in India

PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi questioned the trend of organizing weddings abroad and advocated for celebrations to take place within India. Emphasizing the “vocal for local” mantra, he urged families to consider hosting their special events in the country.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that while some may find allure in destination weddings, he encouraged citizens to prioritize local celebrations, envisioning a future where India’s facilities and amenities reach international standards.

“I know some people want it. But, let’s take ‘vocal for local’ seriously on this level too. There might be facilities there now, but soon India will grow to that level,” he stated on November 26, coinciding with the solemn commemoration of the Mumbai terror attack.

This call for supporting local festivities aligns with the government’s broader initiative to promote indigenous products and services, fostering economic growth within the country.

More About The Statement:

In a dual effort to bolster the economy and enhance digital transactions, PM Modi also urged citizens to use UPI (Unified Payments Interface) for all payments throughout December. This push for digital transactions aligns with the government’s ongoing commitment to a cashless and technologically advanced economy.

As India progresses towards becoming a global economic powerhouse, the Prime Minister’s appeals reflect a strategic vision for the nation’s development. By encouraging domestic celebrations and endorsing digital payment methods, PM Modi seeks to strengthen the country’s self-reliance and financial infrastructure.

PM Modi’s recent addresses emphasize the importance of supporting local initiatives, whether in celebratory events or financial transactions. The ‘vocal for local’ sentiment is not only a call to preserve cultural traditions but also a step towards a more self-sufficient and digitally advanced India.


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