PM Modi Unveils Special ₹ 75 Coin At Delhi NCC Event, Commemorating The Nation’s Unity And Diversity


India has always been a land of rich cultural diversity and the Indian government has always taken steps to preserve and promote this diversity. One such step is the release of special commemorative coins, which are not just a means of exchange but also serve as a symbol of the nation’s unity and diversity.

Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled a special ₹ 75 coin at a Delhi National Cadet Corps (NCC) event, which is being seen as a move to celebrate the country’s diversity and unity. The coin, which has been minted to mark the 75th anniversary of the NCC, features the iconic Ashoka Chakra on one side and the NCC emblem on the other.

The NCC, which is an organization that trains young cadets to be responsible citizens, has played a vital role in shaping the nation’s youth and promoting national integration. The 75th anniversary of this organization is a significant milestone and the special coin is a fitting tribute to its contributions.

The coin, which is made of 75% copper, 20% zinc and 5% nickel, will be available in limited numbers and is expected to be a collector’s item. The coin will also be available in a special presentation box, making it an ideal gift for friends and family.

The release of the special coin is not just a celebration of the NCC’s achievements but also a reminder of the nation’s diversity and unity. The Ashoka Chakra, which is featured on the coin, is a symbol of the nation’s secularism and inclusivity. The coin also serves as a reminder of the importance of national integration and the role of organizations like the NCC in fostering unity and harmony.

The special coin is a valuable addition to the country’s numismatic heritage and is a symbol of the nation’s unity, diversity and progress. The coin will not only be a collector’s item but also serve as a reminder of the nation’s rich cultural heritage and the role of organizations like the NCC in fostering national integration and unity.


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