Police Constable Fatally Shot While Chasing Suspects in Uttar Pradesh’s Jalaun


In a tragic incident that unfolded in Jalaun, Uttar Pradesh, a 35-year-old police constable lost his life on Wednesday while bravely pursuing suspicious individuals on a motorbike. The victim, identified as Constable Bhedjeet Singh, was posted at a highway police outpost when he noticed two men on a bike and attempted to stop them.

Superintendent of Police, Iraj Raja, provided details of the harowing event, stating that when the bike riders ignored the constable’s command to halt, he fearlessly gave chase. During the pursuit, the perpetrators suddenly opened fire, tragically striking Constable Singh in the head. The fatal shot immediately felled the valiant officer, ending his life on the spot

Upon receiving the distressing news, senior police officials and a forensic team promptly arrived at the scene of the incident. Their presence aims to gather crucial evidence and initiate the process of tracking down and apprehending the culprits responsible for this heinous act. In pursuit of justice, four specialized teams have been formed to diligently trace the residences and whereabouts of the accused.

Constable Bhedjeet Singh hailed from the village of Chaurambar in Mathura and had recently joined the police department in 2021. Jalaun marked his first posting, where he was committed to maintaining law and order on the highways. His dedication and commitment to duty were evident in his courageous decision to confront the suspicious bike riders, even at the risk of his own safety.

The devastating news has been conveyed to the bereaved family members of Constable Singh, ensuring that they receive the necessary support during this traumatic period. The loss of a promising young officer has sent shockwaves through the police department and the local community alike, highlighting the risks faced by law enforcement personnel in the line of duty.

The untimely demise of Constable Bhedjeet Singh serves as a stark reminder of the dangers that police officers confront daily while striving to protect and serve society. It underscores the urgent need to prioritize the safety and security of those who selflessly dedicate themselves to maintaining law and order.

As the investigation progresses, the authorities are committed to bringing the perpetrators to justice and sending a clear message that such acts of violence against law enforcement will not be tolerated. The tragic loss of Constable Bhedjeet Singh will be mourned by his colleagues, friends, and family, leaving a lasting void in their lives.


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