Prince Harry Reveals His Final Words To Queen Elizabeth Before She Died. They Were….

Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth
Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry recalls to Queen Elizabeth that he “hoped she was happy” and would be reunited with her late husband, Prince Philip, who passed away in April 2021.

Prince Harry is facing backlash from every direction due to the leaked excerpts of his memoir “Spare”. He has recently revealed what final words he whispered to Queen Elizabeth. However, it is reported Buckingham Palace kept silent on its widely leaked contents.

Harry has reportedly said that how he told Queen Elizabeth that he “hoped she was happy” and would be reunited with her husband, Prince Philip, in his explosive autobiography, reported by Metro News.

“I advanced with uncertainty and saw her. I stayed still, watching her carefully for a good while. , Harry whispered that I hoped she was happy and that she was with Grandfather now,” he wrote “I said that I admired her for having carried out her duties until the end. The Platinum Jubilee, the welcoming of the new prime minister,” he said.

Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth

Prince Harry has revealed that he first learned about his grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s death from the BBC website. The Duke of Sussex says he got a phone call from his father, Prince Charles. His father called him to say that the Queen’s health was deteriorating day by day.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has openly criticised Prince Harry’s claims of killing at least 25 of its people during his two military deployments in Afghanistan, which he revealed in his recently released biography, Khaama Press reported on Saturday.

The memoir, which was first published in Spain, described Harry’s two deployments in Afghanistan. During his stay in the nation, he allegedly killed 25 individuals because he viewed them as “chess pieces” that needed to be eliminated from the game board, the memoir stated. After, he claimed, “I did not think about those 25 people as human beings when I was caught up in the turmoil of war.”

The Taliban’s interim administration referred to Harry’s actions as “war crimes,” and strongly condemned his statements.


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