Punjab Government to Take Action Against Exploitation of Women in Oman


The Punjab government has pledged to take immediate action following a distressing incident involving a woman who was trapped in Oman for two months after relocating to the Gulf nation in search of better employment opportunities. The woman has accused travel agents of exploiting and subjecting Punjabi women to immoral acts while they are forced into such situations. Dr. Baljit Kaur, the Minister of Women and Child Development in Punjab, expressed deep concern over the matter and emphasized that this issue extends beyond her ministry’s purview. She acknowledged that while domestic workers aspire to work abroad, there is a conspiracy involving the exploitation of these individuals during their overseas endeavors.

She stressed the need to address the root causes behind Punjabi women’s desire to seek employment abroad and emphasized the importance of apprehending the criminals responsible for such crimes. To combat these issues effectively, the government will collaborate with NGOs to ensure the protection of women from sexual exploitation. The victim, a woman in her mid-30s hailing from Kapurthala, had traveled to Oman with the intention of securing a better-paying nursing job. However, she found herself ensnared in a perilous situation characterized by forced labor and exploitation. Fortunately, she was rescued with the assistance of Rajya Sabha MP Balbir Singh Seechewal, who promptly notified the Ministry of External Affairs. The woman, in tearful videos shared on social media, revealed that there are approximately 35 other Punjabi women who have fallen victim to unscrupulous travel agents and currently await rescue in Oman.

Rajya Sabha MP Balbir Singh Seechewal, instrumental in the successful rescue of the aforementioned woman, expressed deep concern over the escalating number of such cases. He pledged to make every possible effort to secure the release of all women who find themselves trapped under similar circumstances. Manisha Gulati, former chairperson of the Punjab Women’s Commission, stressed the need for a sensitive and resolute approach in addressing this issue. She emphasized the necessity of cracking down on illegal agents and individuals who deceive women, urging the government to enact legislation that can prevent such cases from occurring in the future. In summary, the Punjab government is determined to combat the exploitation of women in Oman, promising swift action to address the alarming situation.


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