Pure EV Launches Electric Bike ‘ecoDryft’: Priced at Rs. 99,999 Only

Pure EV Launches Electric Bike 'ecoDryft': Priced at Rs. 99,999 only
Pure EV Launches Electric Bike 'ecoDryft': Priced at Rs. 99,999 only

At a time when the use of electric vehicles is increasing day by day, Pure EV has launched a new electric bike in the domestic market. The name of this bike released by the company is ‘Pure EV ecoDryft’.

Let’s know more details about this bike in this article. The Pure EV Ecodrift price in the domestic market (Delhi) is Rs. 99,999 (ex-showroom). A subsidy is also available on the purchase of this electric bike, so this subsidy varies from state to state. But the Pan India ex-showroom price is Rs. Up to 1.15. After the subsidy, this bike is available at a lower price. Hence, it has become one of the list of affordable electric bikes available in the domestic market.

The Ecodrift electric bike is available in four color options. They are black, gray, blue and red colors. All these are also very attractive to watch. This latest electric bike will be manufactured at PURE EV manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. The company has already started accepting bookings for this bike. So the deliveries are likely to start in the first week of March.

The ecoDryft electric bike comes with an AIS 156 certified 3.0 kilowatt battery pack. It offers a range of 130 km with a range of 75 km per hour on a single full charge. Its battery supports a 3 kW electric motor. So the performance is better. So it can be said that this bike is very suitable for daily use and city commuting as well.

This electric bike takes 6 hours for a single pull charge. But it can charge from 20 to 80 percent in 3 hours. At the same time the ‘Ecodrift’ gets three riding modes namely Drive, Crossover and Thrill. Through the drive mode in this one can move forward at a speed of 45 km per hour. Crossover mode allows traveling at a speed of 60 kmph and Thrill mode at a speed of 75 kmph.

The Ecodrift electric bike accelerates from 0 to 40 kmph in just 5 seconds. But accelerates to 60 kmph in 10 seconds. When it comes to the design of this bike, it looks like a commuter bike. But the engine area is completely covered by a large battery. So it is covered in engine areas. Coming to the features of this bike, it has a 7 inches TFT display.

It supports Bluetooth connectivity. Apart from that it includes the controller and instrument cluster. At the same time this bike has 18 inches front wheel and 17 inches rear wheel. The company is preparing to sell this electric bike not only in our country but also abroad.The company is likely to export to countries like South Asia and Africa in the future.

At the same time, it is also preparing to launch its dealerships in leading cities of the country to increase the sales of its electric bike. Deliveries of this bike will start from March 01. Stay tuned to Telugu Drivespark Channel to know more interesting stories like this.


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