Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela Showcases Innovation and Excellence in Agriculture at IARI in New Delhi


The Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) in New Delhi hosted the Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela, an agricultural exhibition aimed at showcasing the latest technologies, practices, and innovations in the field of agriculture. The event, which ran from March 1st to March 3rd, drew large crowds of farmers, scientists, policymakers, and industry professionals.

The theme of this year’s mela was “Sustainable Agriculture and Farmer Empowerment.” The event featured exhibits on a wide range of topics, including new crop varieties, precision farming techniques, mechanization, organic farming, and rural entrepreneurship. The event also provided a platform for farmers to interact with scientists, researchers, and experts in the field and learn about the latest developments in agricultural technology and practices.

In his inaugural address, the Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Narendra Singh Tomar, emphasized the importance of innovation and technology in ensuring sustainable agriculture and rural development. He highlighted the government’s efforts to promote the adoption of modern technologies and practices by farmers and to support rural entrepreneurship and self-reliance.

The Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela showcased several new innovations and technologies developed by the IARI and other research institutions. One such innovation was a new variety of wheat called HD 3298, which has shown higher yield potential and resistance to diseases. Another innovation was the use of drones for crop monitoring and surveillance, which can help farmers identify crop health issues early and take corrective action.

The event also featured several interactive sessions and seminars on topics such as precision farming, soil health management, and agri-entrepreneurship. Experts from various fields, including agriculture, finance, and marketing, shared their insights and experiences with the attendees.

The Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela was a testament to the dedication and hard work of scientists, researchers, and farmers who are working tirelessly to improve the agricultural sector in India. The event provided an excellent platform for showcasing the latest technologies, practices, and innovations in the field and for fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among stakeholders.


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