Rahul Gandhi’s Plea for Fresh Passport Hearing Scheduled for May 26


The hearing for Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s plea for a fresh passport has been postponed to May 26, as announced by the court on Wednesday. Gandhi, who is an accused in the National Herald case, filed a petition on Tuesday, seeking a ‘no objection certificate’ to obtain a new “ordinary passport” after surrendering his diplomatic travel document following his disqualification as a Member of Parliament.

Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Vaibhav Mehta has set the date for the next hearing, which will involve the submission of written arguments and the participation of BJP leader Subramanian Swamy.

According to Gandhi’s application, he ceased to hold the position of Member of Parliament in March 2023 and subsequently surrendered his diplomatic passport. He is now seeking permission and a no objection from the court to obtain a fresh ordinary passport.

It is worth noting that on December 19, 2015, the court had granted bail to Gandhi and others involved in the National Herald case, which relates to the alleged acquisition of assets owned by Associated Journals Ltd. (AJL). The case involves allegations of financial irregularities and misappropriation of funds against the accused.

The current plea for a new passport by Rahul Gandhi comes in light of his changed status as a former MP, necessitating the surrender of his diplomatic travel document. The court will now consider his application and arguments presented by Subramanian Swamy before making a decision on the issuance of the fresh passport.

The postponement of the hearing allows both parties involved to prepare their written submissions and strengthen their arguments. The outcome of this case will determine whether Rahul Gandhi will be granted a new ordinary passport, enabling him to travel for personal or official purposes in the future.


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