The first grand audition of the real title of Mr and Miss mithilanchal 2024 season 1 took place in Mithilanchal’s capital Darbhanga. Or this audition was conducted by Dakuloves Production in Daya green hotel of Darbhanga which is a production house company of Delhi. Or the founder of this production Saqlain Mustak who himself is a famous model actor or  the audition has been organized by Brand Ambassador of Dakuloves Production is Abhishek Pandey and Head of Department of Dakuloves Production is Shivam Singh Md Raees and team members (Vikas, Shakshi, Shyam, Sumit,) and the audition online registration has been started. If you want to take part then please contact us on given number.

The jury members of this audition are actress Priya Sinha (miss jaipur), Miss Naina Shankar(miss fashionable of India) or Mr Alok Roy(mr glam India). The contestants came all the way from Bihar to participate in this audition. The date of the grand finale of this show will be announced tomorrow.Or in some days, wild card entry will also be started, so those who do not participate in the audition can get direct entry in the grand finale through wild card. It has many categories like modeling, dancing, fashion designer, make-up artist, sponsor.

Company history:-

Dakuloves Production House works in the entertainment industry, which deals with modeling, fashion, and casting. This Production house works for the modeling and fashion industry.Dakuloves Production is affiliated with (DAIMA) which is registered with the government of India and this Production trademark is also registered with the government of India.

This Production has three branches:-

1. The Head Branch is in New Delhi.

2. Main Branch is in Bangalore, Karnataka.

3. The regional branch is in Darbhanga, Bihar.


This Production house gives opportunities to new talents in the fashion industry. It gives you a chance to step into the Bollywood industry and show the way to the glamour world. It makes models for the fashion industry and casting. Along with the model, it also launches fashion shows, runway shows, pageant shows songs, and short films.

It provides work to models for brandshoots and castings.The production involves talented models, actors, singers, designers and great composers, lyricists and an amazing team.Dakuloves Production also runs a modeling academy in Patna, Bihar.At present Dakuloves Production is mostly working for Bihar.This Production wants to take forward the culture of Bihar.


In the dynamic landscape of India’s entertainment industry, where dreams are made of stories and aspirations emerge from determination, unfolds the remarkable story of Saqulain Mustak. Hailing from the quaint town of Darbhanga in Bihar, Saqulain Mustak has paved the way for excellence as a multifaceted talent, crossing boundaries and inspiring generations.

Let’s know something about him. Born on July 9, 2001. Saqulain journey began with a vision driven by relentless passion and unwavering commitment. With a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, her thirst for creativity found expression in the fields of film production and modeling. Amidst the challenges and skepticism prevailing in the society towards unconventional career choices.Saqulain, remained undeterred and proved that with resilience, dreams can indeed come true.A pioneer in every sense, Saqulain accolades speak volumes for his skills. His crowning achievement as NCI Fashion Mr.Bihar 2019 winner and recipient of the prestigious Mr India title for Glamour Model and Smile Tag in 2020 underlines his meteoric rise in the industry. Yet, beyond the glitz and glamour, Saqulain is deeply connected to his roots, his heart belongs to his beloved Darbhanga, Bihar.He is the Mithilanchal in-charge of All Indian Cine Workers Association and is also a social worker and president of Chirag Foundation of Bihar State (which is the largest NGO in Delhi and also works all over India).

Saqulain artistic talent extends beyond the screen, as he is skillfully uses his camera lens, and captures moments that resonate with emotions and narratives. His photography is not just a visual presentation, but a profound storytelling tool that transcends barriers and connects souls around.

As his stature in the industry grew, Saqulain conscience drove him to give back to his community. Rejecting lucrative offers of web series and short films and he choose a noble path-dedicated to empowering the youth of Bihar. By launching educational programs and mentorship initiatives. He has become a beacon of hope for aspiring talents, instilling in them the belief that with the right guidance and perseverance, the sky is the limit.

But Saqulain vision did not stop here. Recognizing the need for structured training and support in the modeling field. He ventured into education and founded a school that would serve as a breeding ground for future stars. Through rigorous training and personal guidance. His goal is to create a generation of models equipped to conquer the global stage.

In an industry often plagued by nepotism and elitism, Saqulain Mustak’s story stands as a refreshing tribute to meritocracy and inclusivity. His journey from Darbhanga to the pinnacle of success serves as an inspiration to millions, reaffirming that with passion, perseverance and a heart full of compassion, anyone can indeed turn dreams into reality. Saqulain Mustak is not just a name in the entertainment industry, he is a ray of hope, lighting the way for the generations to come.

More details:- 7765001122,7004544707

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