Restoring Hope & Confidence: Satya Hair Solutions Repair Hair Transplant


Past few years, the hair transplant industry has seen a sharp rise, both in the number of patients opting for hair transplant as well as the number of centers offering it. As per MCI guidelines, only Dermatologists and MCh plastic surgeons are eligible to perform hair transplant surgery. But these days we are seeing an increase in quackery in this field with transplant surgeries going wrong and complications being reported everyday.

Transplant if done correctly, has the power to transform your lives in many dimensions, but if done wrong, can also leave a lifelong scar both physically and emotionally! A bad hair transplant not only cheats you financially, but also snatches away your confidence, self esteem, along with your time and faith in this procedure.

There could be many reasons behind a hair transplant gone wrong like “unrealistic expectations, exaggerated fake promises made by the surgeon, hair growth given solely on medicine, graft placement at incorrect angles, lack of surgical expertise etc.”

If you have been a victim of bad hair transplant, don’t lose help. It can be corrected!

Dr. Shaiil Gupta, at Satya Hair Solutions, is a global pioneer when it comes to repairing hair transplants. To his credit he has performed 10K plus successful repair surgeries and brought a ray of hope to millions of people suffering from the consequences of a bad hair transplant.

“A repair hair transplant is extremely challenging both for the surgeon as well as the patient. It needs an  experienced surgeon who has command mastery over all the various techniques of hair restoration, like FUT, FUE, body hair implant, synthetic fibre implant, SMP etc,”  says Dr. Shaiil Gupta. “Another quality to look for, is the intent to help you out of your current situation as well as his honesty to give you a reality check with sustainable results”.

Dr. Shaiil Gupta and his well trained team at Satya Hair Solutions are committed to provide a definite solution to all patients looking for natural and sustainable hair restoration.


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