Retired BSF Personnel Arrested for Firing at Sanitation Workers Over Swachhta Jingle Disruption


A 48-year-old man, identified as Tauheed Ali, was apprehended by the Ghaziabad police for allegedly opening fire at two sanitation workers affiliated with Loni Nagar Palika’s door-to-door waste collection vehicle. The incident occurred when the vehicle was passing by Ali’s residence in Kanchan Park. The suspect, who had been irritated by the Swachhta jingle blaring from the vehicle’s loudspeakers, had previously requested the workers to turn off the song as it disturbed his sleep.

According to the police, the suspect became violent and physically assaulted the workers after they explained that muting the jingle would prevent other residents from being alerted. Subsequently, Ali retreated into his house and returned with a licensed revolver, threatening to kill the workers. Fortunately, both workers managed to escape unharmed as the shots fired by the suspect missed their intended targets. The retired Border Security Force personnel has been booked under Section 307 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for attempted murder.

ACP Rajneesh Kumar Upadhyaya stated that an FIR has been registered against the suspect and recommended the revocation of his arms license. The suspect justified his actions by claiming that the noise from the waste collection vehicle disrupted his sleep and provoked his anger. The arrest of Tauheed Ali highlights the importance of addressing conflicts arising from noise disturbances in residential areas. The incident serves as a reminder to prioritize peaceful resolutions and open communication to ensure harmonious coexistence among community members.


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