Retired IAS Officer’s Engineer Son Commits Suicide in Lucknow’s Vikasnagar Sector 3


In a tragic incident, a retired IAS officer’s engineer son committed suicide on Wednesday morning in Vikasnagar Sector 3, Lucknow. The 41-year-old Piyush Dwivedi took his own life by shooting himself with a licensed revolver. The sound of the gunshot was heard by his family members, who rushed to the bathroom only to find his lifeless body drenched in blood. The shattered Dwivedi family now grapples with the loss of their son, a deteriorating husband-wife relationship, and the anguish of losing a job. The police have initiated an investigation into all aspects surrounding the incident and will take appropriate action if any evidence is found.

According to sources, Piyush, who was an engineer in France, returned to Lucknow after losing his job. He and his wife Swati were living separately, with their daughters also residing with Swati. Concerns have been raised that Piyush was under immense stress due to the deteriorating relationship with his wife. His daughters were also not with him, and he had lost his job, which may have contributed to his depression and eventual suicide.

The police discovered that Piyush’s wife had written “single” as her WhatsApp status. It was revealed during the investigation that she had set this status six months ago, indicating that she had already considered herself separated from her husband. However, the actual truth will only come to light when she clarifies the matter herself. According to information, Prem Narayan, Piyush’s father, has informed Swati about the incident.

Prem Narayan, devastated by his son’s suicide, finds it difficult to engage in conversation. With teary eyes and a choked voice, he expressed disbelief that his only son is no more and everything has come to an end. He regrets not knowing what was going on in his son’s mind. If Piyush had ever confided in him, he might have tried to help him overcome his depression. Prem Narayan mentioned that Piyush never discussed anything and refrained from engaging in lengthy conversations.

The police have taken possession of Piyush’s mobile phone and laptop for investigation. They are trying to ascertain whether there was any external influence or if Piyush took this step due to his deteriorating mental state. Any evidence found against someone will be the basis for further action.

In summary, a retired IAS officer’s engineer son tragically ended his life by shooting himself in Lucknow’s Vikasnagar Sector 3. Initial investigations suggest that family tension may have driven him to suicide. The police are thoroughly examining the case, including Piyush’s personal belongings, to determine the circumstances that led to this tragic event.


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