Revolutionizing India’s Digital Future: The First India Stack Developer Conference


The first ever India Stack developer conference was held in Delhi, India on January 28th, 2023, marking a new era of digital transformation for the country. India Stack is a set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that allows for the secure exchange of personal and financial data. This groundbreaking technology has the potential to revolutionize the way India does business, making transactions faster and more secure.

The conference brought together developers, technology experts, and government officials from across the country to discuss the latest developments and opportunities in the field of India Stack. The conference featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, and workshops on various topics related to India Stack, such as digital identity, e-KYC, and e-signatures.

One of the main highlights of the conference was the launch of the new version of the India Stack, which includes several new features such as enhanced security, improved performance, and support for new languages. The new version of India Stack is expected to make it even easier for developers to create innovative solutions using the technology.

A press briefing about the Conference was given by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, who stated that the India Stack consists of a number of digital solutions that have significantly contributed to the digital transformation of India, such as Aadhaar, UPI, Digi Locker, Co-Win, GeM, and GSTN.

A key aim of the conference, according to him, is to provide the industry and developer communities with a forum to discuss ways to build a strong start-up and innovation environment in India and export Indian stack products globally. Additionally, he mentioned that India will be the focus of a key theme at the World Government Summit 2023, which will take place in Abu Dhabi the following month.

India Stack is the term given to the Indian government’s ambitious plan to create a unified software platform with the objective of bringing the entire country online. It is the umbrella term for a collection of free and open artificial intelligences and digital goods that will enable corporations, governments, and other organisations to utilise identity, data, and payment infrastructure on a big scale.


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