Sachin Sahare lives in Chhindwara, he helps the exploited people in the Bahujan society


Sachin has a special place in society in the category of social people, he is the district president of the country’s largest organization Bhim Army Bharat Ekta Mission, Chhindwara. In 2018, as an activist, he again worked in Bhim Army in different positions, participated in many movements, considered Baba Saheb Ambedkar as his ideal, walks in the path shown by him, and listens to the problems of the people under the law. leads to administration.

Sachin Sahare is a social worker as well as a cricketer, songwriter, singer, and actor, he brings awareness to society by making small social documentaries, made a short film in “Ek Boudh Vihar” , has stepped into the field of music “Tu Saj Ke Chal”. 2022 music album was released followed by the song “Tu muh mod di”
Sachin says thanks to the society for always support


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