SBI General Insurance to promote road safety as part of its CSR


SBI General Insurance, one of India’s leading insurance companies, has announced that it will be promoting road safety as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The company will be partnering with various organizations and government bodies to raise awareness about road safety and to encourage safe driving practices. Road accidents are a major concern in India, with over 150,000 people losing their lives each year due to accidents on the country’s roads. SBI General Insurance recognized the urgent need to address this issue and has decided to make road safety a priority in its CSR efforts.

The company plans to launch a series of awareness campaigns and events to promote safe driving practices, such as the importance of wearing seat belts, the dangers of distracted driving, and the importance of following traffic rules. The company will also be partnering with schools and colleges to educate young people about road safety. SBI General Insurance will also be working with the government and other organizations to improve road infrastructure and to make Indian roads safer for all users. The company will be investing in projects such as the construction of footpaths, the installation of traffic signals, and the improvement of road signage.

The company’s efforts to promote road safety are commendable and will help to reduce the number of accidents on India’s roads. The company’s CSR initiatives will not only benefit the society but also align with the government’s vision of making Indian roads safer. The company’s initiative will be a great example for other companies to follow and contribute to the society.
A Ministry of Road Transports and Highways Transport Research Wing research states that around 1.5 lakh people die in road accidents in India each year. Nearly 11% of all accident-related fatalities worldwide occur in India. SBI General and HP Police have teamed up with the assistance of Doers NGO with the goal of lowering this number via preventative measures such signs and availability to prompt medical treatment through ambulance support in case of accidents. The Civil Hospital has furthermore made a contribution.

The collaboration between SBI General, Doers NGO, Himachal Pradesh Police, and the Civil Hospital in Sundarnagar seeks to give victims of traffic accidents with prompt care and access to life-saving medical services. In addition, SBI General and the Himachal Pradesh Police have worked together to create road signs to raise awareness and caution in accident-prone locations of the route in an effort to reduce traffic accidents.


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