Shaan and Devi Chitralekhaji Unite in Melodic Harmony for Spiritual Ode to Ram Mandir


Renowned singer Shaan and spiritual preacher-singer Devi Chitralekhaji recently collaborated in a musical masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of melody and spirituality. Their soul-stirring bhajan, “Awadh Mein Ram Aaye Hain,” released on January 17, marks a significant musical tribute to commemorate the opening of the Ram Mandir.

This exceptional collaboration finds its roots in Shaan’s spiritual music label, Shaan Music Devotional, launched in 2023. The label aims to explore and express spirituality through the universal language of music. “Awadh Mein Ram Aaye Hain” serves as a testament to this vision, bringing together the musical prowess of Shaan and the spiritual essence of Devi Chitralekhaji.

The lyrics of the bhajan, penned by Harshit Vishwakarma, intricately capture the anticipation surrounding the consecration of the Ram Mandir. They weave a narrative that reflects the spiritual significance and historical importance of this momentous occasion. Complementing the profound lyrics is the composition by Shriyansh Pratap Singh, adding a melodic touch that resonates with the soul.

About Ram Mandir:

Released on January 17, the timing of the track aligns seamlessly with the inauguration of the Ram Mandir, creating a musical bridge to the auspicious event. The bhajan invites listeners to partake in the celebration, creating an emotional and spiritual connection with the historic occasion.

Shaan’s commitment to spiritual music is evident in the establishment of Shaan Music Devotional, providing a platform for artists to explore and express their devotion through musical artistry. The collaboration with Devi Chitralekhaji not only highlights the synergy between the realms of music and spirituality but also underscores the power of unity in conveying profound messages.

As “Awadh Mein Ram Aaye Hain” continues to resonate with audiences, it stands as a symbol of cultural unity and devotion. The harmonious blend of Shaan’s melodic expertise, Devi Chitralekhaji’s spiritual resonance, and the creative contributions of lyricist Harshit Vishwakarma and composer Shriyansh Pratap Singh culminate in a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries and connects hearts.

In a world where music has the power to transcend differences and unite people, Shaan and Devi Chitralekhaji’s collaboration serves as a shining example of how art can celebrate spirituality, history, and cultural significance. “Awadh Mein Ram Aaye Hain” is not just a bhajan; it’s a harmonious celebration that echoes the sentiments of a nation, bringing people together in a melodic tribute to the grandeur of the Ram Mandir.


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