Shiv Nadar University Shooting: Police Investigate Gun Source as Details Emerge


Authorities are investigating the source of the .32 bore gun used by Anuj Singh, a third-year undergraduate student, to shoot his batchmate Sneha Chaurasia on the campus of Shiv Nadar University. Contrary to earlier reports, it has been revealed that five bullets were fired, not three. While Sneha’s family has not yet filed a formal complaint, the police have initiated an investigation into the incident. The gun used by Anuj appears to have been acquired from a local supplier, as it lacks an ordinance number.

The tragic event took place around 1:30 pm on Thursday, as Anuj shot Sneha outside a dining hall on the Dadri campus. He then proceeded to a hostel room that was not his own, where he shot himself. Anuj had shared a video on a university group prior to the shooting, revealing that they were in a relationship until Sneha ended it in December 2022.

The police are examining Anuj’s call history to ascertain how he obtained the weapon. They are also looking into a possible security lapse at the university. Four bullets were recovered near the dining hall and hostel, with Sneha sustaining three gunshot wounds instead of the previously reported two. Anuj shot one bullet at a wall and another into his own head, ultimately succumbing to a gunshot wound to the temple.

Investigators suspect that Anuj deliberately avoided going to his own hostel room on the first floor to minimize the chance of being stopped. This action may have been motivated by his intention to prevent anyone from intervening, given his video message to the university group minutes before the shooting.

The police are in the process of taking statements from other students, friends, and batchmates. The bodies have been released to the respective families for final rites. In response to the incident, the university has established an internal committee to investigate the security lapse and enhance measures to prevent the entry of weapons onto the campus.

Raja Natrajan, the executive director of financial operation at the university, stated that additional security measures, including increased checks of items brought onto the campus, are being implemented. Surprise checks are also conducted in the hostels to ensure student safety. However, the shooting has left students and staff shaken, questioning how the gun was brought onto the campus without detection. Concerns have been raised about the focus on trivial issues like couples on campus, rather than prioritizing more serious security matters.

The university spokesperson emphasized that the Dadri campus is under 24×7 CCTV surveillance and has an adequate security staff. The investigation into the shooting continues, aiming to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the acquisition of the gun and any potential security failures.


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