Shocking Case of Sexual Abuse Uncovered in Uttar Pradesh School, Immediate Actions Taken


In a distressing incident that has shaken the community, a computer teacher at a government-run pre-secondary school in Shahjanpur, Uttar Pradesh, has been accused of sexually abusing 15 girl students. The accused teacher, identified as Mohammad Ali, allegedly received support from another teacher, named Sajia, in carrying out these heinous acts, according to the police. The courageous step taken by several students to confide in their teachers about the obscene acts perpetrated by Mohammad Ali has led to swift action. The concerned teacher promptly informed both the police and the villagers about the disturbing revelations. Fueled by anger upon learning of these abhorrent actions, the enraged villagers took matters into their own hands and apprehended the accused teacher, delivering him to the custody of the police. Subsequently, a case was filed against Mohammad Ali, Sajia, and the school’s headmaster, Anil Kumar.

During the investigation, the police discovered objectionable items in the school’s washroom, further substantiating the allegations. At present, the authorities are meticulously recording the statements of the girl students as part of the ongoing probe. Rural Superintendent of Police, Sanjeev Bajpai, confirmed that Mohammad Ali has been arrested, and efforts are underway to gather evidence for appropriate legal action. In response to this disturbing incident, the education department has taken swift and decisive measures, suspending Sajia and the school’s principal. Additionally, the services of the accused computer teacher, Mohammad Ali, have been terminated. To address the psychological impact on the students, the education authorities in the district have mandated counseling sessions for all girls’ schools as a precautionary measure.

The Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA), Kumar Gaurav, announced the suspension of Sajia and Anil Kumar, the principal, and emphasized the importance of providing counseling support to all female students throughout the district. This shocking case of sexual abuse has sparked outrage and highlighted the urgent need for ensuring the safety and well-being of students in educational institutions. The authorities, along with the community, are working diligently to bring justice to the victims and implement measures to prevent such incidents from recurring in the future.


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