Should you repeat your CAT attempt?


CATKing’s Student Anish Uppal excels in CAT With 98.98 Percentile and throws light on why he repeated CAT one more time, even after scoring 95%ile on his first attempt! 

I had mixed feelings when I saw the results. I was happy about a decent score but sad about the loss of 0.02 marks. I could have done a lot better. I had high expectations of myself.

Coming to my profile, I got a 10 CGPA in Class 10th, 94% in Class 12th (Commerce with Maths), and got a GPA of 8.3 in my under graduation (BA-H-Business economics). My family is filled with CA’s and runs its own Audit firm. My hobbies and interests include – Reading, Workout, Stock Markets

This was officially my second attempt for CAT. I wrote CAT last year also, that too under peer pressure and without any external help, and secured a 95 percentile. But this year I wanted to write it properly, so went for CATKING. This was perhaps one of the best decisions I had taken.

CATKing has been my major focus area for the last 1 year. The timings were way too comfortable for me as they never clashed with anything. Didn’t miss even 1 lecture in the past 5 months of CAT. I was too regular and punctual for all my CAT and non-CAT classes. I really loved all the sessions.

I didn’t follow any strategy plan as such but I tried minimizing my wrong attempts while increasing my accuracy at the same time. This helped me a lot in LR and Quant. 

VARC was indeed my weakest section and QA my strongest section. The sectional strategy that I followed is as follows: 

LR – practicing questions for every type (even 1 would suffice in some cases) made this section stronger. 

QA – concepts are king. Doing one type of question multiple times really makes the technique sit in your brain. 

VA – my weakest area. I got most questions wrong in the RC earlier but practiced many passages to strengthen this section. Eventually got almost all questions correct in RC but lagged a bit in jumbled sentences. 

Joining CATKing made me imbibe the habit of studying every day. It became a routine part of my life to switch on a class at 9 and revise everything from 11 to 12. CATKing helped me become consistent and persistent with my preparation. CATKing Mocks have been the best asset so far. They are exactly what the real CAT offers. I took 5 mocks (The last 5—#15-#20). I would say these were by far the most accurate mocks I’ve taken. 

I had no specific strategy as such. I just tried staying calm for 3 long hours. 

While doing the DILR session I could not make even 1 set in the first 25 minutes. But I got the last 2 sets correct in the last 15 minutes, which got me a 99. I didn’t panic at all but I could feel everyone around me panicking, especially in this section. 

Also, Not talking to any student around is a game changer. Just stay in your game, relax, and focus on your screen. A lot of times 1-2 students around me wanted to talk but I simply avoided them for the sake of the exam. I would highly recommend this. 

My advice to all CAT aspirants would be to be calm and stay relaxed. Maintaining your composure and being positive works wonders in an exam hall. Believe in yourself and work smart! My best wishes are with all CAT Aspirants. 

– Anish Uppal

CAT 2022 – 98.98 %ile 

DILR – 99 – %ile 

VA – 94 %ile 

QA – 98 %ile


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