Super Cyclone ‘Mocha’ Strikes Mizoram and Causes Damage to Hundreds of Homes and Refugee Camps


A powerful super cyclone named ‘Mocha’ wreaked havoc in several areas of Mizoram, resulting in extensive damage to residential properties and refugee camps. According to official reports, a total of 236 houses and eight refugee camps were affected by the forceful winds that swept through the region on Sunday. Fortunately, there were no reported fatalities, as revealed by news agency PTI.

The impact of the cyclone was felt across more than 50 villages, affecting the lives of approximately 5,749 individuals. However, despite the significant destruction caused, the absence of casualties provided a glimmer of relief in the face of this natural disaster.

Simultaneously, the city of Kolkata in West Bengal experienced heavy rainfall following the arrival of the formidable cyclone ‘Mocha.’ The cyclone made landfall near the coasts of Bangladesh and Myanmar on Sunday, triggering intense rainfall in Kolkata, as reported by ANI.

The cyclone initially formed near the coasts of Myanmar and Bangladesh, rapidly intensifying into a Category-5 storm. Its powerful winds caused substantial damage along the southeastern coast, forcing approximately 500,000 people residing in low-lying areas to evacuate, according to PTI.

Among the affected areas, Siaha district in southern Mizoram, bordering Myanmar, bore the brunt of the cyclone’s impact. The district suffered significant damage, with 101 residential buildings, including two relief camps, being severely affected.

Moving towards the coastal region, the cyclone reached the Teknaf coast before crossing the Naf River, which serves as the boundary between Bangladesh and Myanmar. The cyclone’s arrival at Sittwe township in Myanmar was accompanied by winds reaching speeds of up to 209 kilometers (130 miles) per hour, according to Myanmar’s Meteorological Department. However, by Monday noon, the India Meteorological Department reported that the cyclone had weakened significantly, losing its strength as it transformed into a tropical depression.

The damage caused by super cyclone ‘Mocha’ underscores the vulnerability of coastal regions to the destructive power of such weather phenomena. The affected individuals and communities will now face the challenging task of rebuilding their homes and lives in the aftermath of this natural disaster. Swift and coordinated efforts from government agencies, relief organizations, and local communities will be crucial in providing assistance and support to those affected by this devastating cyclone.


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